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Friday, December 31, 2010

Faux Lashes

Here's a quick & easy tip for applying faux lashes:

Use individual lashes for more control & better application.  Use tweezers to grab the lash and apply a small amount of glue to the end.  Add the lashes to the base of the lash line starting on the outside working in.  3 or 4 on each end will do the trick!

Curl your lashes first- 3 seconds per eye
Add lash primer (white mascara)
Add mascara
Apply faux individuals
Add a final touch of mascara

Stand back & smile because you look fabulous!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New found love for Toner!

Thayers Alcohol-Free Cucumber Witch Hazel with Organic Aloe Vera Formula Toner is my new favorite beauty product!  I've staying away from toners because of their drying effect and I simply didn't like the way my skin looked or felt after.  I came across Thayers at my local GNC & was surprised by the ingredients.  Ingredients I already love to use on my face were in there: Aloe & Cucumber.  Alcohol-free, sounds good..  Lately, I haven't been able to get my skin as "clean" as I had been before.  My skin could be changing, the weather, maybe I'm wearing more makeup- not really sure.  But I've been looking for a little something extra to get a "deep clean".  And I'm glad I found it!   My skin is looking &  feeling better.  The cost was $9.99 at GNC but it seems you can pick this up online for a little cheaper.  

I love the Alcohol-Free Cucumber Witch Hazel with Organic Aloe Vera Formula Toner cooling essence has a deliciously calming effect on the skin. I will be trying the Rose Water as well!  

• Fragrance-Free • Paraben-Free • Naturally Preserved • Hypoallergenic. Also steer clear of toners that list the following as ingredients: SD alcohol (will be followed by a number), ethanol and isopropyl alcohol.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Less is more...

Over the weekend, the topic of cleavage came up.  How old is too old to show off "the girls"?  When should you cover up?  As my friend Tiffony & I say, "You're showing all of your Cleveland and a little bit of Detroit!"  Now, I am all about showing off what you've got & feeling sexy.. but here are a few options for showing off your breast assets in a classy way regardless of age!
  • Off-the-shoulder. I'm a huge fan of off-the-shoulder looks at this age because it's a way to dress sexy without really showing anything. And all women have sexy shoulders.
  • Draped necklaces. Not only are they chic, they are a way to create a long, vertical line that draws attention to the bodice without the obvious bareness of exposed cleavage.
  • Layered looks. You can give the illusion of cleavage by opting for a peek of a lace camisole under a shirt or jacket; you can also layer a tank or T-shirt in a lighter color (white or nude) under a sweater or top that has a deep V neck to suggest cleavage without showing anything